Team Builder Workshops

Help your team members discover how to become high functioning through experiential learning and problem solving workshops. Pick from a list of Team Builder workshop topics to launch or complement a team development program in your organization.

Team Builder Workshop Topics

Learning Topics

How to Share Meaningful Feedback

Insights on Different Work Styles

How to Speak to Difficult Co-Workers

Planning & Hosting Meetings for Results

Strategies for Managing Priorities

Delegating for Career Success Traits of High Performing Teams

Setting & Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Creating Stakeholder Presentations That Shine

High Impact Conversations for Success with Your Boss

How to Assert Yourself & Ask for What You Want

Dealing with Change

Conducting Successful Team Check-Ins

The Basics of Managing Conflict


What Collaboration Sounds Like

Building Workplace Networks

Positioned for Promotion

Team Diagnostic Tool

The team diagnostic tool defines and evaluates your team against seven team productivity factors. Teams that excel at these dimensions are high performing and sustaining. The detailed layers of the report gets you a vital baseline of team actions to help you tailor a remarkable team experience and take them to the next level of productivity.

When to Use a Team Diagnostic

Team Reset: When leaders want to find the root causes of poor performance, not just the symptoms, and determine what to improve.

Team Jump Start: When managers want to get teams off to the right start by learning their strengths and weaknesses. Repeat assessments can measure improved performance.

Taking a Team to the Next Level: When a team wants to grow and improve, leaders can get a vital baseline and actions to take the team to the next level.

Team Diagnostic Competencies

The team diagnostic model looks at the following competencies:

-Resources and Support -Inter-Team Dynamics -Organizational Recognition

-Structural Function-New or Existing Team -Independent or Interdependent -Co-located and/or Virtual -Duration

-Meaningful Work -Purpose, Mission, and Goals -Results -Identity -Productivity

-Interpersonal Relationship -Trust -Collaboration -Communication -Conflict Resolution -Learning, Growth, and Continuous Improvement

-Leadership Approach -Feedback from Leader -Direction from Leader

Individual Contributions
-Motivation, Satisfaction, and Well Being -Skills, Knowledge, and Well-being-Commitment -Self-Empowerment -Membership and Roles -Problem Solving and Decision Making -Learning, Growth, and Continuous Improvement -Accountability and Ownership

-Roles and Responsibilities -Coordination, Planning, and Decision-Making -Group Norms -Documentation -Information and Knowledge Management

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