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How We Elevate Your Culture

Organizational and team leaders from small to mid-sized companies come to us when they are looking for a partner to help them keep their teams focused, engaged and aligned. Our dedicated experts provide actionable leadership development courses, employee coaching, employee engagement software, and employee engagement advisory/consulting services. With us, companies can bypass potential overwhelm or lack of resources and leverage our know-how and resources to generate positive morale as they move closer to building a stronger team, a brag-worthy culture, and a business that grows exponentially.

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A trailblazing team is more than a group of people who work for the same organization or the same department. It’s a group of people who are engaged and know how to work together to achieve goals. To create a successful one, your leaders need to know what sparks individual and team member engagement and how to execute on it daily.

Employee Engagement Software

Employee engagement software that easily automates and tracks elements needed for a thriving company culture.

benefits of working with us

Professional Guidance

Our workplace consultants have years of real life working experience. They understand theory but they also get the nuances of day-to-day work life as an individual contributor and as a manager.

Actionable Strategies

Every time you work with us, you get the opportunity to create meaningful strategies to maximize your potential in your current role or with your team.

Improved Confidence

Your confidence will soar and your stress will melt when you learn how to prepare and handle current and future workplace challenges.

Better Focus

With our professional guidance, you get to clearly define your personal or team goals and get clarity on how to maximize potential and move forward effectively.

Everyone Deserves a Personal Coach in their corner

Create successful business and career outcomes through executive and leadership coaching.


What our happy customers say
Awesome company! The corporation I work for asked me to manage a team of homebuilding customer support folks and Amazing Appeal helped me with a 21-point customer service checklist! It simplified my customer service management duties in many ways.


Customer Service Manager, K. Hovnanian

I forgot how good it feels to be less stressed and simply enjoy my life. I now spend more time working on the business than trying to figure out people drama. Amazing Appeal assigned me a great coach to help me create a great action plan when I first started as a manager.


Contract Manager, GSA Contract Inc.

I run a large non-profit and Amazing Appeal’s team simply became my life saver! They are super easy to work with. I've got a lot of compliments from my staff, which is my biggest satisfaction!


Executive Director, Lunch Break